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Lawn Care Services

Your lawn is the centrepiece of your garden, the focal point that highlights your beautiful flower beds, where the children play, and the birds feed, and during the summer months, the place for barbeques and outdoor games.

That’s why, at Rosewood Garden Services, we offer a whole range of lawn care services, designed to help your lawn thrive and look stunning the whole year round whatever its use and level of foot traffic.


At Rosewood Garden Services we provide the complete solution to all your turfing needs, whether you’re a domestic or commercial customer, including:

  • Creating a brand new lawn

    Whatever the reason you need a new lawn, we’ll take care of the entire project, from the initial design and measuring stage, to sourcing and ordering the right high-quality turf for your needs, and then professionally installing your brand new lawn.

  • Replacing an old lawn

    If your lawn has seen better days and is beyond repair, we offer a complete lawn replacement service, including digging out your old lawn, adding any topsoil or sand etc. and levelling off, then skilfully laying some new top-quality turf.

  • Filling in or extending your lawn

    If part of your lawn has worn away, or you simply want to extend it, our turfing experts have all the skills necessary to make sure the job is completed to the highest standard, using traditional and modern techniques, and the best quality turf.

Garden Maintenance

Why Choose Rosewood Garden Services?

  Wide Range of Services

Whether it's landscaping, tidy-ups or year-round garden maintenance, we have the services and expertise to fit your specific requirements.

  Experienced Landscapers

Our team of experienced gardeners and landscapers takes pride in delivering consistently high standards of garden maintenance work and garden makeovers.

  Fully Qualified & Insured

Rest assured, we are professionally trained and fully insured to provide a personal service.


Whether it’s because you haven’t got the time or inclination, or you no longer have the strength required to mow your lawn yourself, we offer a professional mowing service for both domestic and commercial customers.

Hire us on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis (depending on the season) to professionally mow your lawn to the most suitable height for its use, with or without stripes, plus collect and carefully dispose of any grass clippings.

The Benefits of a Professional Grass-Cutting Service

Getting your lawn regularly cut/mowed by a professional, using the right equipment and professional mowing techniques, provides several key benefits, including:

  • Stronger and thicker grass growth
  • An increased ability to photosynthesise
  • Healthier grass with fewer weeds
  • A better-looking garden all round

Lawn Treatments

Whether you need a lawn repair, or you’d just like to ensure your lawn is healthy and strong all year round, at Rosewood Garden Services, we offer a whole range of tailored, and professional lawn treatments.

  • Treatment for weed problems

    If your lawn is currently under attack from weeds, we can apply a series of safe treatments, designed to reduce and remove weed infestations without damaging the grass.

  • Treatment for diseased lawns

    If you’re struggling to control a diseased lawn, let our lawn care experts diagnose and treat the problem using a targeted and effective lawn treatment.

  • Treatment for a healthy lawn

    If your lawn is looking great and you’d like to keep it that way, our lawn treatment experts will use their experience to provide the ideal treatment or feeding program.

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