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Artificial Lawn Installation

Are you looking to create a garden with a lawn full of lush green grass, that never needs weeding, watering, aerating, or feeding, but still goes on looking great all year round?

There are a number of situations where an artificial (or synthetic) lawn are perfect. You could have a lawn that is covered in shade and all you can do is grow moss. You may have dogs or children who run around your lawn and continually churn it up or create bare patches. A synthetic lawn will give you a year round green lawn that will stand up to the difficult growing conditions or harsh treatment that a natural turf lawn may struggle to do.

Contact Rosewood Garden Services, your local artificial grass installers, and artificial grass landscapers. We’ll install all your artificial grass, whether it’s a backyard putting green installation, a stately home lawn, a compact front garden or commercial artificial lawn installation.

Artificial Turf

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Why choose Rosewood Garden Services for your artificial turf installation?

At Rosewood Garden Services, we’ve been doing garden maintenance and landscaping since 2008. In those years, due to the high quality of work carried out, we’ve built up a strong, trustworthy reputation throughout Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, and Buckinghamshire.

We’re also a family run business, with a good work ethic, and a friendly team of highly-trained and experienced landscape gardeners, skilled in all aspects of landscape gardening, including the installation and maintenance of artificial turf for the commercial and domestic sector.

What are the benefits of artificial turf?

Artificial turf is fast growing in popularity, in private gardens and commercial properties throughout the UK, due to some of artificial turf’s key benefits, which include:

  • Artificial turf helps you save money: Because artificial turf doesn’t require feeding, weed control or pest control, it helps you save money on the equipment and chemicals necessary.

  • Artificial turf saves you time: Once installed, your artificial turf will go on looking great all year round, without the need to use up your time reseeding, watering, aerating, or any of the other time-consuming jobs associated with natural turf.

  • Artificial turf is low maintenance: Apart from a hose down, a light brushing or a quick onceover with a leaf blower, your artificial turf will require very little maintenance throughout its life.

  • Artificial turf is dog-friendly: Because your artificial turf won’t require any potentially harmful pesticides or weedkillers, your garden becomes a dog-friendly environment, even for the most boisterous of dogs.

How we install your artificial turf

To create the look of a completely natural lawn, our operatives will usually carry out your artificial lawn installation in four steps, which include:

  1. Removing the old lawn:

    Once we have the shape and dimensions of your new artificial lawn, we’ll remove your old lawn using commercial sod cutters, digging down to a depth of around 10cm (4”).

  2. Installing a base layer:

    Installing the base layer is one of the most important steps, and involves laying, then compacting a mixture of soil and rock to form a sturdy and level foundation on which to lay the artificial turf.

  3. Installing the artificial turf:

    With the base layer installed, we’ll cut and roll out your new artificial turf, and tack it into place, in much the same way you might lay and install a carpet.

  4. Applying infill:

    Infill used in artificial turf installations is usually a fine granular material similar to sand, which our operatives will carefully brush into your newly installed artificial lawn, to help create a protective layer against the elements, and foot-traffic.

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