Snow Clearing

Throughout Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire & Buckinghamshire

Snow Clearing Service

If you’re looking for a domestic or commercial snow clearing service in Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire or Buckinghamshire, look no further than Rosewood Garden Services, your local and professional snow and ice clearance specialists.

Snow clearing in an emergency

If there’s been a heavy snowfall that the forecasters might have missed, and your garden, driveway or patio is suddenly too dangerous to walk or drive on, get in touch, and as soon as we can, we’ll get a team down to clear it.

We’ll use a range of methods, including shovels and rakes, to clear the snowed-in or iced-over areas quickly and efficiently, then lay a covering of fast-acting rock salt, to ensure the surface remains clear and safe for as long as possible.

Snow Clearing

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Winter Gritting Service

Like many gardening jobs, dealing with snow and ice is best done pre-emptively. That’s why we provide a professional winter gritting service for commercial and domestic customers in Hertfordshire and much further afield.

Winter gritting for commercial customers

Whether it’s a stately home, a business park or a housing estate, as local snow clearance specialists, at Culverhouse Gardens we provide a competitively priced winter gritting service to commercial customers in all types of businesses.

We’ll help keep your clientele and staff safe by fully gritting main access areas with fast-acting rock salt, before or during a cold snap. Plus, we’ll be available in the event of a sudden and heavy snowfall to ensure quick and cost-effective snow clearance followed up with proactive gritting.

Winter gritting for domestic customers

We can’t deny, snow in your garden can look great immediately after a heavy snowfall, but practically speaking, a covering of thick snow and ice can also create serious slip hazards, and prohibit or prevent vital access. That’s why, at Rosewood Garden Services, we provide a full winter gritting service for domestic customers throughout Hertfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Bedfordshire; gritting patios, paths, and driveways, to help minimise slip hazards and allow easy-to-access areas for people and vehicles.

Helpful snow clearance advice

If you are thinking of clearing the snow and ice in or around your property yourself, here’s some snow-clearing advice you may find helpful.

  • Don’t use water

    It might be tempting to throw a bucket of hot water over an iced-over path, but whilst it may clear the ice in the short term, it will quickly refreeze and turn into dangerous black ice.

  • Use grit or salt

    The best way to melt ice or reduce snow is to use specialist grit or salt bought from a supermarket, gardening or DIY store. Do not take from council salt bins to clear your property, as the use of these bins is restricted to clearing public pavements and roads.

  • Clear snow early

    If you are going to clear the snow yourself, it’s best to do it as soon after the snowfall as possible, as you’ll find fresh snow is lighter and easier to clear.

  • Don’t take risks

    Snow and ice can be dangerous, especially for the elderly or those with reduced mobility, so if you feel unsafe clearing it yourself, call your local snow clearance specialists instead.

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