When is the Best Time to Plant?

8th October 2020

Planting can in generally be done all year round but will depend on the type of plants being planted. Generally, we would advise avoiding the middle of summer unless essential as this time of the year would require a lot of watering. Potted hardy trees and shrubs can be planted all year round. A lot of people say to us that they don’t think these can be planted during the winter months but most of them will be in a more dormant state at this time and they will be happier with the roots in the ground protected from frost rather than standing in a pot in the garden centre.

Spring bulbs will need to be planted in the autumn in order to give them the time to grow ready for the spring. If you are looking at planting a hedge row or tree these can be purchased as root ball or bare roots during the autumn and winter months. The reason these are only available this time of the year is because they are generally being grown in the ground and are then lifted ready for planting when they are dormant. As a result, they are not in a pot and their roots are exposed which means they need to be protected from frost. The plus side to purchasing plants like this is that they are cheaper than pot grown which means you get more for your money which is ideal if you are planting out a long hedge.

The final thing to remember when planting is that the hole size is big enough for the roots, ideally one and a half times the width of the root ball. Always make sure that there is plenty of organic matter and even fertiliser added to the planting hole to aid initial growth.

Posted by Culverhouse Gardens