What Does Landscaping Include?

11th August 2023

Whether it’s for a domestic or commercial project, landscaping includes a wide range of common practices and techniques, all intending to transform outdoor spaces into attractive, and functional areas. Below, we’ve picked out some of the key tasks a typical landscaping service, whether it’s back or front yard landscaping, might include, such as garden maintenance, or creating new beds and borders etc.

  • Garden Design and Planning

    The first step in most garden landscaping projects will be the design and planning phase. This will be where the landscaper works with the client to understand the client's vision of how they’d like their garden or other outdoor space to look.

    After assessing the space, the landscaper will look at factors such as soil conditions, climate, how much sunlight the garden gets, and the existing features, like water features etc., and how/if they could be integrated into the new garden design.

  • Planting and Transplanting

    A large part of any garden maintenance and landscaping project will involve selecting and planting various plants, which could include trees, shrubs and certain bedding plants to create the desired aesthetic. Along with the planting, your landscaper may also have to transplant existing plants to fit in with the new design. This job will be done with skill and care, taking into consideration, soil conditions, sunlight exposure, and growing patterns.

  • Hardscape Installation

    Hardscaping, in relation to a garden landscaping project, refers to elements such as decorative stones, paving, pathways, walls, fences, decking, and other structural design features used to create the overall appearance.

    A skilled landscaper will know exactly how to install each of these elements, and how to make sure they integrate seamlessly with the design, to achieve the right look, and to provide the practical means necessary.

  • Irrigation System Installation

    To ensure that the plants and lawns of your newly landscaped garden are thoroughly and regularly watered, your landscaper may install an irrigation system, which could be automatic, or manually controlled. An irrigation system could be a simple sprinkler system, or a more complex drip irrigation system, which as well as keeping your plants and shrubs hydrated, will also help to conserve water for economic and environmental reasons.

  • Lawn Creation and Lawn Maintenance

    One of the most essential jobs included in most landscaping projects will be lawn creation and lawn maintenance, two jobs that require a high level of skill, hard work, and a good knowledge of turf, and turf installation. Your lawn installation will include the initial design, soil preparation, and expert turf laying, whereas maintenance will include tasks such as mowing, edging, weeding, feeding, aerating, and controlling common lawn diseases and pests.

  • Pruning and Trimming

    Another major part of a garden landscaping project will be the pruning and trimming of certain plants, trees and shrubs, both to achieve the right aesthetic and to ensure the healthy growth of larger plant species. Your landscaper will use their knowledge and experience to ensure pruning or trimming won’t have any detrimental effects on the plant, and may also have the topiary skills to create some stunning and possibly eccentric designs.

  • Mulching and Soil Management

    Another massively important job of a landscaper is to ensure the garden or other outdoor space has the ideal soil conditions for the plants and shrubs it contains, so that the correct aesthetic remains all year round. To do this, your landscaping expert may apply a mulch where appropriate to ensure that moisture levels are adequate, especially during a hot spell, and that virulent weeds are suppressed to prevent them from affecting plant development.

  • Seasonal Tidy-Ups

    Finally, one of the other vital jobs a landscaper does is giving the garden a seasonal tidy-up. This will mainly involve removing dead leaves and other debris, especially from the lawn/s, to ensure healthy growth and moisture retention.

    The tidy-up may also involve preparing the garden for either a hot summer or cold winter, which will involve jobs such as applying or renewing mulch, or ensuring irrigation systems are protected from damage during cold snaps.

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