How Much for Patio Laying?

16th June 2020

It is very difficult to offer a one price fits all the laying of a patio as there are several elements that will differ from one patio to another. There is a huge selection of paving slabs to choose from, from cheap utility concrete paving slabs to reclaimed York stones paving with prices ranging from £20 per square metre to £100 plus per metre square.

Then there is the consideration for drainage, a raised patio will require a lot less drainage work than a patio that is in a lower position in garden. Drainage could include the construction of soakaways and drainage gulley’s. Although a raised patio will require less drainage work it will require some work to raise it which could be the construction of small brick or sleeper walls.

There may also be the need to construct steps to allow access to and from a building and to and from other parts of the garden. On an initial viewing a member of our team would be able to talk you through what options are available to you and guide you through the process to choose the right selections for your patio.

Posted by Culverhouse Gardens