Garden Maintenance in Winter

23rd June 2020

Most people believe that once the winter arrives there is no work to be carried out in the winter. Whilst this is true for some gardens it is not the case for all. The winter months are a great time to get the garden ready for spring and work done now can save you a lot of time in the spring.

During the winter months there is always debris to clear up like small branches and twigs that will blow out of trees. This is the perfect time to carry out most tree pruning as the trees will be dormant, it will also be a good opportunity to dead wood other plants.

With the ground generally being softer during the winter it can make it easier to remove unwanted plants, lift and separate herbaceous plant and plant new plants. With the plants having done all there growing during the summer months the soil we be lower in nutrients, so the winter is the perfect time to improve that soil with the addition of fertilisers and mulch. Applying mulch will not only improve the condition of the soil it will also act as a weed suppressant which will help to control the weeds in the spring.

Posted by Culverhouse Gardens