Garden Maintenance in a Rental Property

29th June 2020

A lot of rental properties will have gardens and generally it is the responsibility of the tenants to maintain the garden and although there are those that will be happy to do so there are also those tenants that are not horticulturally minded and will let the garden get out of hand.

There can also be issues with regards to the tools and equipment that tenants have access to which can also limit the amount of maintenance tenants can carry out.

If the garden is allowed to become over grown and out of control this can result in complaints from neighbours and can also leave the landlord with a unwanted cost to get the garden back in shape when the property needs to be rented out again.

At Rosewood Garden Services we can offer maintenance packages for landlords and/or tenants to help avoid this issue at the end of tenancy. We can also offer advice on creating a low garden maintenance so that it makes the garden easier to look after.

Posted by Culverhouse Gardens