How Much Does Garden Maintenance Cost?

20th July 2020

The cost for garden maintenance varies from one company to the next and will depend on the size of your garden and the amount of work required.

There are a lot of people who will offer garden maintenance for £10-£15 an hour however at Rosewood Garden Services we operate slightly different. As opposed to offering an hourly rate we will provide you with an annual cost. We will then take this annual cost and divide it by 12 giving you a price per month. Our reason for operating this way is that our customers will not receive any surprise invoices because we have spent longer in their garden one visit to the next.

This also allows us to include other services e.g. pressure washing, bedding plants and many more, again spreading these costs over 12 months saves clients receiving a larger bill every now and again and means that our clients know exactly how much their garden is costing them each month and they can then budget for this. We do however have a minimum price per visit of £30 plus VAT.

Posted by Culverhouse Gardens